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Ayurveda treatments for skin, body and hair

Ayurveda treatments for skin, body and hair

Ayurveda treatments for skin, body and hair

If you’re looking for a skincare alternative to harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, Ayurveda beauty practices may be for you. Ayurvedic beauty treatments are based on natural ingredients and ancient wisdom, and they can be used to improve your skin, hair, and overall health. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian practice based on the belief that your health is dependent on an equal balance of the three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha – air, fire and earth. These beauty treatments aim to restore balance of the doshas, and play an important part in both your daily and seasonal beauty routines.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Skin

One of the most important aspects of Ayurveda is achieving balance in the body. This is why one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments for beauty is called abhyanga, which means “oil massage.” Abhyanga is a full-body massage using warmed oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs, and it’s said to help balance the doshas—the three energy types that make up the human body according to Ayurveda. It also improves circulation and makes the skin more supple. This treatment is often followed up by a herbal linen wrap or a full body steam.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Body

In addition to massages to improve skin, there are other Ayurvedic treatments that can be used to improve the health of your overall body. This includes panchakarma—a detoxification process that involves five different cleansing techniques. Panchakarma is based on five Ayurvedic elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the process of rebalancing them with an Ayruvedic practitioner. This practice is individualised to each person based on their specific combination of the above elements. Treatment starts with pre-purification procedures of Snehan and Svedana, and then cleansing methods, Shodanas, are applied. The five basic cleansing Shodanas are:

  1. Vamana: Emesis Therapy – Ayurvedic treatment comprised of therapeutic vomiting, to eliminate kapha causing any excess mucus
  2. Virechan: Purgation Therapy – Purgatives can help relieve excess pitta dosha, causing bile disturbances in the body
  3. Basti: Enema Therapy – Ayurvedic treatment of the bowels to help control vata dosha
  4. Nasya: Nasal Administration – The inner walls of the nose are massaged to help with prana disorders, sinus congestion, migraine headaches, convulsions and certain eye and ear problems
  5. Rakta Moksha: Traditional Ayurvedic Method for Purification and Cleansing of the Blood – Whilst not undertaken at all Ayurvedic practices, Ratka Moksha, or bloodletting, is a way to purify and detoxify the blood

This treatment helps to strengthen your immune system, restore your constitutional balance, eliminate toxins from the body and bring a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Hair

Ayurveda also has a lot to offer when it comes to hair care. One popular treatment is called shirodhara, which involves pouring warm oil or liquid, over the forehead in a continuous stream. The liquid used depends on your dosha type, but anything from buttermilk, to almond oil to coconut oil can be used. Shirodhara is said to be helpful in treating conditions like headaches and insomnia, as well as promoting hair growth. Another popular treatment is called Shiroabhyanga, which is said to be helpful in reducing stress and promoting and strengthening hair growth. A range of nourishing oils are massaged into the head, shoulders and neck to bring about healing in the body. These oils are wonderful for your hair, and is a great way to nourish it.

If you’re looking for natural ways to improve your skin, hair, and overall health, Ayurveda may be right for you. With its focus on balancing dosha and natural ingredients, Ayurvedic treatments offers a refreshing alternative to harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Give them a try and see how they work for you!

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