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How to eat to stay hydrated

How to eat to stay hydrated

How to eat to stay hydrated

We have all been told how important it is to drink water for our hydration, but it is also extremely important to have a diet full of wet foods to stay hydrated as well.

We are living in a time where drinking lots of cups of coffee on an empty stomach (and calling it intermittent fasting), working ourselves to the bone all day, and having a few glasses of wine in the evening to decompress is very common.

Those three above mentioned habits are extremely heating and dehydrating for the body, even if you are managing to drink 1-3 litres of water every day as well.

A good question to ask yourself is, does my body absorb all the water I am drinking? Or do I simply urinate all of that water out of my body during the day (and perhaps also during the night)?

What isn’t advised enough in the health world, is the important of eating wet foods: porridges, soups, stews, broths, and other nutrient dense liquids.

If we look to traditional Asian cultures, they often have a soup with every meal, sip on warm water before and after a meal, and rarely eat cold, raw or iced foods. Unfortunately, this is changing as the younger generations are headed towards more sweet foods, bubble teas and dairy.

Hydration is extremely important for health. The body is a series of fluid layers, including the blood and hormones, that needs to be well nourished in order to help the body heal from disease, infections, and other pathogenic stressors.

Make it a part of your weekly meal planning to include more soups and stews, and try to eat something before you have your morning coffee.

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