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The Perfect Summer BBQ!

The Perfect Summer BBQ!

The Perfect Summer BBQ!

Get the whole (Strucket) family involved with your summer BBQ this year and make the preparation process simpler for yourself!

It’s no joke when you hear talk about Strucket products being the perfect multipurpose tool. There really is no other tool that can be used quite like a Strucket. It’s the perfect helper for all around the house – in the kitchen, in the laundry, and outdoors. And as we enjoy the warmer summer days, many of us are itching for the perfect summer BBQ – yet another thing that the Strucket is ideal for! The Strucket and the other products within the Strucket family can follow you along every step of your BBQ prep.

From the first step of your preparation process, the Strucket Mini is by your side! Get your choice of meat, or seafood and throw it in your Mini to begin. Soak, defrost and marinate your meat all in the Strucket. No one enjoys the lingering smell that meat and seafood can leave on your skin. Save yourself from getting your hands dirty with the Strucket. Its design is perfect for protecting your hands from soaking in the stench of raw meat and seafood. Easily prepare your food with all your favourite flavours, then simply strain and drain once you’re ready to eat.

If you’ve got some meat-free family members, the Strucket can help too! You can use the Strucket Mini or Strucket 19L to help you wash your veggies to make sure they’re as clean as can be and pesticide free. And when you’re done, how about some fresh fruit to enjoy as you complete the rest of your BBQ duties?

Let’s not forget about the Strucket Teenie! Whether you want to make a cocktail for yourself to enjoy as you prepare the goods for your BBQ or use it to prep your ingredients for a refreshing salad, it’s by your side. For a cocktail, all you have to do is add your favourite alcohol and mixers. Throw in some fruit for extra flavour, then simply pour into your favourite glass and enjoy! 

The Teenie is also the perfect tiny helper for your salad prep. Want to grate some veggies but hate making a mess? Just use your Teenie! The grater add-on makes it so simple for you to grate your ingredients quickly and easily. It collects all your grated ingredients inside the bucket, making it much easier for you to throw them into your salad bowl without making a mess!

Once all your food is BBQ-ready, transform your Strucket 19L into an esky to keep your drinks cool so you can enjoy your drinks at the perfect temperature as you dig into your perfect summer BBQ.

Get the whole (Strucket) family involved with your summer BBQ this year and make your preparation process simpler for yourself!

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