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Every mum’s household-saving secret

Every mum’s household-saving secret

Every mum's household-saving secret

This strainer-meet-bucket is about to become your favourite cleaning companion! With infinite ways to use it, this tool can follow you as you complete various chores in every room.

The Strucket 19L combines the ease of a strainer with the functionality of a bucket.

Read on to find out some ways that the Strucket can help you out with your daily chores!

In the kitchen:

  • Deep clean your utensils – we’re all guilty of letting our kitchen utensils go by without a deep clean for far too long. It’s okay, it can be hard sometimes! Especially if your sink is often filled with dirty dishes. The Strucket makes this much easier by providing a separate space to soak and clean your tools
  • Soak your used tea towels
  • Clean your fruits and vegetables – pesticides are often a concern when buying fruits and veggies from the supermarket and sometimes a rinse under the sink doesn’t seem like enough. Pull out your Strucket and throw them in to make your healthy goods as clean as they can be and pesticide-free
  • Defrost your frozen meats – place them in the Strucket and forget about it without having to worry about making a mess

In the laundry:

  • Hand-wash your delicates
  • Clean your swimmers – the Strucket makes it easy to let your swimwear soak and get every last bit of sand and chlorine out
  • Wash baby bibs, clothes and other messy bits
  • Clean and disinfect your kid’s grimy toys
  • Clean and disinfect your mop heads, sponges and cleaning rags

The Strucket is not only limited to assisting with household chores!

You can also easily turn it into an esky or take it camping and use it as a sink, washer, or a baby bathtub.

You could even use it as a cocktail bucket for your next party. Throw in any fruits and other flavourful ingredients in the strainer section to let it infuse, and simply pull out the strainer to easily discard your fruit when you’re done. No more shoving your hand into a pitcher to get the last sticky fruit out of the bottom! The handy tap at the bottom of the Strucket makes pouring your drinks a breeze.

With the Strucket, the options are endless, and run as far as your creativity does! Check out the range of multipurpose Strucket products here!

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