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The fashion trends to be on the lookout for in 2023

The fashion trends to be on the lookout for in 2023

A new year means dreaming about exciting new fashion trends that are set to rock the fashion world in 2023. Shop your wardrobe, favourite vintage market or op-shop to add these exciting trends to your clothing rotation!

Shades of green and pink

Stylist and co-founder of AMOUR781 Ashley Full recently spoke to INSIDER magazine about upcoming trends for 2023. She has predicted an increase of shades of green in clothing of all kinds, especially nature-inspired shades like moss and fern. Pink is also set to be a popular colour for styling in 2023, no doubt inspired by the Margot Robbie-led Barbie movie set to launch later in the year. Pink shades can be used to make a bold statement in a head-to-toe pink look, but can also be pared down in softer or darker shades in one statement piece.

Sporty yet stylish

Sporty chic looks will also continue to make waves in 2023. After years of working from home, many workers are getting tired of their regular, every-day WFH looks and are kicking things up a notch. Think stylish matching sweatsuits, hoodies, joggers, and athleisure wear with a luxurious twist, in bright colours and exciting patterns. This trend is perfect for anyone who wants a laid-back yet stylish look that is still practical enough for everyday life. Investing in key pieces from sustainable brands like PACT,Ganni,dk active, and Butter Butter means this trend will make sure your wardrobe stays sustainable.

Textural fun

A variety of unique textures are set to make an impression on 2023’s fashion trends if the Spring/Summer runways are anything to go by. Featuring fluffy feathers, fringing on the hems of dresses, tops and skirts, and sequins galore, this year’s fashion is set to be a mix of fun textiles. These textures have been in style in previous decades, so it is the perfect time to mix some vintage flair into the resurgent trends.

Structured blazers

Continuing on from last year, blazers are set to be released from their office-job shackles and be incorporated into more casual looks. With the revival of 2000’s and Y2K fashion, blazers incorporating elements of these eras will continue to rise in popularity, meaning bright colours and funky patterns will be popular. Thankfully, blazers are common items in thrift stores and vintage markets. Even scour the wardrobe of your mother, aunt or best friend to see if they have any blazers sitting unused.

Eco-friendly fabrics

Eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, bamboo fibres, recycled materials like plastic bottles or post-consumer waste textiles will be big in 2023, as people become more aware of their impact on the environment. Not only are these fabrics better for our planet but they are also super durable, so it’s definitely worth investing in some pieces made with these materials this year!   

2023’s trends are looking to bring back some of the largest trends of the past few decades with a modern twist. It’s time to get looking through your wardrobe for pieces that hit these trends, host a clothes swap with some friends or hit up your local vintage market or op-shop to see what trendy treasures they hold.

By Sarah Panther

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