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Peninsula Hot Springs’ food bowl – Phenomenal new addition

Peninsula Hot Springs’ food bowl – Phenomenal new addition

Peninsula Hot Springs’ food bowl - phenomenal new addition

A new 3-acre kitchen garden in the heart of Peninsula Hot Springs you say? It is true!

Known for its many thermal pools nestled in a beautifully restored and local landscape amongst many rejuvenating experiences, Peninsula Hot Springs is adding a significant wellness project to its proliferating offerings.

With extensive, meandering pathways and terraces, two uniquely-designed glasshouses and a cantilevered stage over the lake, the newly created Peninsula Hot Springs Food Bowl delightfully challenges guests’ notions of home-grown food, in a one-of-a-kind, immersive sight, sound and taste experience.

A simple wander around the new food bowl’s scenic grounds is enough to be amazed, but there are also some immersive experiences in the making. Enticing offerings such as paddock-to-plate dining; cooking and nutrition-based workshops; and innovative sound and wellness offerings, sees Peninsula Hot Springs furthering its reputation as a multi-dimensional, leading wellness destination.

Inspiring and promoting an organic, holistic lifestyle, the innovative, locally run new food bowl is carefully built based on the SLOW food philosophy – seasonal, local, organic and whole foods – encouraging people to think about where their food is coming from and how it’s grown and sourced.

Guests are now welcome to experience this significant new chapter of development at Peninsula Hot Springs. The new Discovery Tour and Nourish Workshop give guests the opportunity to explore and be educated on seasonal garden staples. Each experience is guided and lead by the lovely land and environment team, focusing on the SLOW food philosophy, organic gardening principles and how to grow nutrient-dense produce. Bookings are now open for workshops.

Elements of the Food Bowl are still under construction, with completion planned for the first quarter of 2023.

Head here for all Peninsula Hot Springs info and to book now.

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