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Get On Your Bike For These 8 Amazing Cycling Benefits

Get On Your Bike For These 8 Amazing Cycling Benefits

Whether it’s to save money, boost fitness, reduce our carbon footprint or beat the lockdown lows, many more of us are opting to jump on our bike. 

A pandemic-induced bicycle boom has seen sales of bikes skyrocketing and a large uptake of newcomers to this already popular activity. 

There are a number of benefits that come with opting for cycling rather than driving as your main method of transport. For starters, it is an excellent way to incorporate some incidental exercise into your routine, as well as being a convenient way to zoom around town. 

Cycling is also an amazing way to boost your overall health and wellbeing, too. Research conducted by Dr. Art Kramer on behalf of Illinois University found that a 5 per cent improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness generated from regular cycling can lead to improvements of up to 15 per cent in mental tests. 

There are a host of other benefits that come from cycling – here are 8 positive impacts of taking up bike riding! 

Boost Your Immunity.

Like most forms of exercise, cycling is great for boosting your immune system. Moderate exercise stimulates immune cell activity and reduces inflammation, helping our immune cells become more active and ready to fight off infection. This was confirmed by a study from the University of North Carolina, as researchers discovered that people who cycled for 30 minutes, five days a week, took about half as many sick days as those who seldom exercised. 

Live longer.

Cycling does not just keep you fit and healthy in the present – it can help you live longer too! A study by the University of Birmingham found that people who regularly cycled were biologically younger than those who did not, even after discounting other risk factors like body mass index (BMI) and smoking. This can translate into a longer life span, as participants who regularly cycled had what researchers found to be a ‘younger immune system’, with less decrease in their bodies’ T Cells (generated by the thymus). Although these T Cells traditionally deplete as we grow older, the study found that cyclists had similar levels to those of a much younger person.

Environmentally friendly.

shops. Now, think about the impact your bike would have on the same trip. The difference is staggering, right? 

Cycling is a very environmentally conscious method of transport, as it produces zero pollutions and uses approximately five per cent of the materials and energy needed to make a car. Better yet, twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space needed for one car. 

With the pandemic having changed some of our daily habits and forced a re-think of bike accessibility in cities, now might be a good time to try out a new commute or trip to the shops.

Improve heart health.

Regular cycling has the potential to cut your risk of heart disease by up to 50 per cent, according to Purdue University in the United States. The university’s study found that by clocking up roughly 33 kilometres of cycling per week, your risk of heart disease reduces to less than half of those who do not exercise at all.

Lose weight.

We mentioned accidental exercise before, but whether you choose to ride your bike for a workout or not, cycling can reap great benefits for your waistline. 

It is a low impact way to boost your cardiovascular fitness, so you can still expand your aerobic capacity without the strain that comes with running. 

Save money.

Cycling is very beneficial for your wallet! Sure, cars may come with considerable convenience, but they are also money guzzlers; they cost thousands of dollars to buy, then thousands more dollars to maintain and run. In contrast, the purchase and maintenance costs of a bike are much more palatable. For an alternative to traditional cycling, e-bikes provide easy assistance to your bike’s pedalling power thanks to the integrated electric motor, therefore requiring less force to keep you moving! 

Boost your mood.

It is no secret that exercise can be a brilliant mood booster. Mild to moderate exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can turn your frown upside down, countering stress and boosting your happiness. 

Even if you may be feeling unmotivated, we can assure you that getting those gears going is a great remedy for a stressful day or when you are having one of those weeks. 

Strengthen your body.

Cycling is an amazing form of exercise, as it engages your major muscle groups without excessive strain on your joints. 

If you decide to take up cycling, you may notice increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility, improved posture and coordination, strengthened bones, increased stamina and higher levels of aerobic fitness. 

There are many benefits to taking up cycling, with each one having the potential to transform your physical and mental wellbeing. Cycling opens up a while new world of cycling tracks and opportunities to get out in nature for fresh air! It can save you money to take the pressure off your finances, improve your sustainability, keep your body in fighting form…the list goes on! 

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