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4 Green Living Products for Every Household

4 Green Living Products for Every Household

Plastic pollution is becoming an increasingly concerning problem across the world, with only 9% of plastic made being recycled. The remaining 91% of plastic is dumped into landfills or incinerated, leading to increased levels of plastic pollution in our water. 

One of the most effective ways to combat this environmental damage is to live by example and ensure that the daily products we use are good for the planet. This list of eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products can help change the world through conscious consumer choices. 

Compostable Cling Wrap

Compostable cling wrap has made it easier than ever to avoid unnecessary plastics in the kitchen. Great Wrap is a new Australian brand that has completely evolved cling wrap to now be compostable and environmentally friendly. Great Wrap is a great alternative to plastic wrap, as it is crafted entirely from food waste! 

The team at Great Wrap convert food waste products such as left over potato from potato chips, and convert it into a biopolymer, which is then used to create an environmentally cling wrap. 

Using compostable wrap instead of regular plastic wrap is a simple change to make, which has the potential to stop 150,000 tonnes of petroleum-based plastics and 50,000 tonnes of food waste from entering landfill annually! 

Reusable Drink Bottles

Did you know that there are 13 billion plastic bottles disposed of each year? 

By using reusable drinking products, such as reusable drink bottles and coffee cups, you are easily able to avoid the use of single-use plastic products. 

Frank Green is an Australian owned and designed company that sells stylish reusable products, including drink bottles and coffee cups! Their designs are completely customisable and are crafted to last, allowing you to prevent approximately 3,500 disposable cups and bottles from entering landfill over the next 10 years!

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Almost everybody carries around a phone, meaning there is a staggering amount of plastic phone accessories that contribute to the rising levels of plastic landfill. 

By switching to an eco-friendly phone case that is sustainable and compostable, Pela aims to reduce plastic pollution in the tech market. 

Pela’s eco-friendly phone cases are produced with 30% less carbon emissions, use 34% less water usage and lead to an 80% decrease in waste production. 

Stainless Steel Pegs

Plastic pegs are often easily broken and quickly replaced. The short lifespan of these pegs means that we needlessly spend more money to replace them, rather than expecting quality and longevity. 

Biome Australia offer pegs that are far more mindful of the environment. These can left on the clothing line permanently, with no danger to sun damage or easy breakage. 

This Australian company has committed to zero plastic, and as such their stainless-steel pegs are manufactured to a long-lasting, eco-friendly standard. 

Non-plastic pegs are an incredibly easy change to make within your routine and are designed to be last pegs you will ever need to purchase.

Plastic-Free Showers

Giving up plastic bottles in our showers may seem like a large commitment, but switching to brands with sustainable packaging materials can greatly reduce plastic build-up over time due to repeated purchase. 

Ethique offers a plastic-free shampoo and conditioner alternative made a combination of shea butter, Jojoba esters and Betaine that replace bottles with bars. 

With one tree planted with every order, and three plastic bottles saved through their sustainable cubed shampoo and body wash ingredients. This New Zealand based company is doing all the right things to help reduce plastic waste.

Zero-Waste Shopping 

The abundance of plastic found in supermarket products is a highly concerning practice, and we are often unaware of just how much of the material goes into our weekly shopping.

Swapping out plastic bags for a reusable fabric carrier is an extremely simple way we can quickly reduce and eliminate unneeded shopping waste.

Envirosax offers a range of reusable bags made from 100% recycled polyester. Inspired by exotic locations, Envirosax offers a colourful and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.

While purchasing from eco-friendly manufacturers is an integral part of reducing our footprint, the most important step is to allow your current products to complete their usage cycle before moving on. This will reduce the impact on our budgets and avoid unnecessary contribution to landfill. 

Completely updating your everyday life with eco-friendly alternatives can be expensive, so even making one swap in your routine is already an amazing contribution to the goal of minimising waste. Making simple changes when purchasing products can have a great impact, for example, buying in bulk from places such as The Source helps save 300,000 kgs of packaging waste entering landfill each year!

By making smaller environmentally friendly choices, together we can help reduce the larger problem of plastic pollution and help protect our planet.

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