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Eat your way to a stronger immune system!

Eat your way to a stronger immune system!

Staying healthy is an important part of living your best life, but with new viruses and illnesses cropping up all the time, it’s important to give your body the tools it needs to stay strong, especially if you have school-aged kids. A great way to bolster your immune system is by adding certain foods into your diet. Here are some delicious, natural foods that you can add to your meals that can help keep you healthy and energised!

Citrus Fruit: Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons are a fantastic source of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost immunity by increasing the production of infection and virus-fighting white blood cells. Whether enjoyed as a snack or added to a smoothie, citrus fruits are an easy way to work more Vitamin C into your diet.

Garlic: This strongly-flavoured allium is known for its ability to fight off colds and other illnesses due to its high levels of sulphur-containing compounds called Allicin. Allicin helps increase the production of white blood cells which are essential in fighting off infections and other illness-causing agents. To unlock it’s immunity-boosting potential it’s best eaten raw! I know, seems daunting, but cooking garlic can reduce its potency. Mincing it or cutting it up finely will help make the taste not so pungent.

Yogurt: Yogurt is well-known to be full of probiotics, which help boost the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract and aid in digestion. Consuming yogurt regularly can help strengthen the immune system as well as ward off stomach issues like diarrhea and bloating. Choose plain yogurt with active cultures for maximum effect, then sweeten it up with some fresh fruit or honey!

Ginger: Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for relieving pain caused by sore throats or headaches, when taken as a tea or added into dishes like stir fry or soup. In addition, ginger is also known for its ability to reduce nausea and improve circulation throughout the body which helps boost immunity overall!               

Want a quick and easy recipe that incorporates all of these immunity-boosting ingredients? Check out the delicious and simple Ginger Yogurt Sauce recipe below, submitted by WiGal at


  • 1 cup yogurt, preferably whole milk


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl
  2. Serve immediately or refrigerate for a few hours, but bring to room temperature before serving

Eating right should be seen not only as an investment in our health but also an opportunity to have fun! There are so many delicious foods out there that can give us both taste and an immunity boost, so why not enjoy them? So next time you’re out grocery shopping, remember these natural foods that you can add to your diet that will help keep you healthy and energised.

By Sarah Panther

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