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Discover Tulsi – The Queen of Herbs

Discover Tulsi – The Queen of Herbs

Learn how this mysterious and holy herb can benefit you and your family.

Also known as Holy Basil, The Incomparable One or Mother Medicine of Nature, Tulsi is recognised to be a sacred herb, yet it is widely unknown in the western world. 

What is Tulsi?

Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a herb similar to basil that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. With over 108 varieties, each type of tulsi differentiates slightly in taste, smell and look. Rather than being known for its taste and added flavour, like basil, tulsi is mainly used to enhance health and enable our response to stress. It is frequently enjoyed as a tea, and is described as having hints of mint, citrus and liquorice. 

Where can I find it? 

Native to India and Africa, tulsi plays a crucial role in modern and ancient Indian culture. Some Indian traditions believe tulsi embodies the goddess Lakshmi and that her spiritual powers have been infused in the herb. Due to this, tulsi is grown in most Indian homes, where it supposedly purifies the home. Organic India, a social enterprise that has changed the face of agriculture in northern India in the past two decades with its sustainable business model, has done much to broaden the availability and various uses of tulsi both in India and worldwide.

How is it good for me?

Tulsi has a range of health benefits which ultimately leads the body to return to and thrive at its homeostasis state. Traditionally, tulsi has been used as a natural detox, to “restore balance and harmony”, and to help support the response to stress. Tulsi also strengthens the immune system and digestion, while promoting circulation throughout the body. It is these characteristics that have classified tulsi as an adaptogenic herb, which have been used to maintain and promote wellness. Adaptogenic herbs have also been used to help the body adjust to changes, whether it be; emotional, physical or environmental. 

Try Tulsi 

If you want to try the holy powers of tulsi for yourself then you can buy it as a tea, in liquid form, in a tablet or more. Organic India sells several teas and many tulsi products which you can purchase here

How are you going to try out the magical powers of Tulsi?

By Zoe Moffatt 

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