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Cosy Knits to Snuggle Into Autumn and Brighten Your Zoom!

Cosy Knits to Snuggle Into Autumn and Brighten Your Zoom!

Many of us are spendinglong hours on video conference calls and balancing that delicate line between remaining professional and fighting the temptation to live in our most comfy and often worn out track suit or gym gear. With autumn approaching we might be inclined to consider what snuggly yet professional clothes additions we could make to our wardrobes! Changes of seasons are great times to re-think our needs and perhaps what we wear can also play a part in our re-boot.

Colour Pop: 

A colourful cardigan can layer over a simple t-shirt helping you stay comfortable, but adding visual pop to the video conference camera. If you layer a cardigan over a collared shirt you’ll add even more of a professional look. There are so many autumnal, feel good colours to celebrate the season and cocoon ourselves in.

Lines and Abstracts:

Knits with bright or bold coloured abstract shapes will add some zing to your screen presence. Wide horizontal bands in knitwear looks fabulous and breaks up the screen for balance (fine line work tends to start to ‘buzz’ on screen so it’s best avoided). 


One great thing about over-sized knits is that on screen you will see the top section only and your colleagues will be none-the-wiser to the hidden and comfy wearable blanket at the bottom. Professional at the top and super comfy on the bottom!

Cropped Knits:

During mid-season, some of us a find a full knit is just too hot – in this case a cropped knit could keep your temperature balanced. A cropped outfit would unlikely ever be appropriate in a professional context but on Zoom or video conference you will surely be able to get away with it with only the top section visible on camera. 

If you are on a budget, trying to cut down your footprint or the idea of a whole new wardrobe to get you through another year of working from home is daunting, now is the time to begin shopping at op shops. 

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