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Are Your Clothing Colours Influencing Your Mood? Maybe!

Are Your Clothing Colours Influencing Your Mood? Maybe!

Yes, colour psychology is a thing!  Some people understand colour psychology from a marketing point of view in terms of how certain colours make us feel about the brands that use them, but we don’t often think about the fact that colour can change how we feel within ourselves.

We could choose a colour for our clothing and our environment that reflects how we are currently feeling, we but can also choose a colour based on the mood that we WANT to be in. 

If you’re feeling a little on the low side, here are four quick colour changes that could help to brighten your mood and get you out of a funk: 

Blue – Blue is linked to the intellect and can have a stabilising and calming effect on our mind. If there is that feeling of overwhelm creeping in, or you’re feeling surrounded by drama or volatility, choosing blue will not only provide you calmness, but for those around you too. 

Green – If you are exhausted by screen time, green is the colour for you. Green is restful on the eyes and is associated with refreshment, peace, inner healing and security. 

Yellow – This is the happiness colour and stimulates joy. Yellow promotes a quick ‘pick-me-up’ but be weary that too much of a good thing can push you and others into being over-energised. Yellow is considered a friendly colour but can diminish your sense of authority, so choose your moments when in front of your clients or your boss. 

Orange – If you are feeling a lack of energy and motivation, grab something orange – it could pick you up instantly, stimulate the blood and fire up your enthusiasm.

Not only can you have an impact on your mood by swapping your clothing colour, you can also change your computer desktop images and screen saver colours too. 

Everyone responds to colours differently, so it is wise to test for yourself the impact of certain colours and keep note for those times when you need a quick mood boost. 

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