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Ancient and Personalised, Ayurvedic Skincare for Healthy Skin

Ancient and Personalised, Ayurvedic Skincare for Healthy Skin

Ancient and Personalised, Ayurvedic Skincare for Healthy Skin

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medicine that dates back over 3000 years, founded on the principle that good health and wellbeing begins with balance. Ayurvedic principles can also be weaved into your skincare routine.

Ayurveda has the three doshas, or life forces, that make up one’s body and mind. The three groups are pitta (fire), vata (air) and kapha (water and earth) and these life forces also apply to skin types. Knowing your skin type is important in discovering what kind of ayurvedic skin treatment is best.


If your skin is prone to oiliness, rosacea, scarring and acne, you have high pitta energy. Cooling ingredients such as aloe vera, sandalwood and turmeric are essential to treating pitta type skin. These ingredients help to reduce redness and inflammation, and they also help to balance the Pitta dosha.


Vata skin is typified by rough, dry skin that is prone to wrinkling. If you constantly moisturise with little effect, a vata style of treatment is recommended. Warm spices like ginger should be added to skincare, and the ancient Indian herb ashwagandha can reduce redness when added to a facemask or cream. Herbal remedies, oil massages, and steam baths are all excellent ways to nourish and hydrate vata skin.


This kind of skin is cold and oily and is susceptible to whiteheads, water retention and pimples. Oil-based products are not recommended for kapha skin, focusing on techniques such as dry brushing and exfoliation to stimulate the lymphatic system. Ayurvedic skincare for kapha skin focuses on using products that can help to reduce sebum production and unclog pores. Cleansing oils and exfoliating scrubs are often used in Ayurvedic skincare for kapha skin, as they can help to keep the skin clean and clear.

To kick start your ayurvedic skincare journey, you could order a consultation with Australian wellness brand Subtle Energies. Subtle Energies began in Sydney in 1993 as a natural therapy clinic, founded by Farida Irani; this family-owned clinic continues to provide treatment programmes combining contemporary, holistic techniques, and knowledge found in well-respected ancient sciences. Its diverse range of ayurvedic and aromatherapy products are made from clean, cruelty-free ingredients.

The ancient practice of ayurvedic skin care is an holistic approach to maximising and improving the quality of skin and can bring positive results to the skin, body and senses.

By Sarah Panther

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