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Why has Dry-Brushing become a Wellness Trend?

Why has Dry-Brushing become a Wellness Trend?


An age-old celebrity trick that has rocketed back into the world of beauty in recent years, dry-brushing is a surprisingly effective skin and healthcare tool that is easy, quick and enjoyable to incorporate into a daily routine. Dry-brushing may unlock not only a whole new level of skin smoothness, but also improved blood circulation, lymphatic fluid flow and skin glow! These increases in circulation help the body eliminate toxins, act as a digestion aid, stimulate the nervous system, unclog and revitalise skin and can leave you feeling invigorated a bit like how a massage does – but without the cost!

What exactly is Dry-Brushing?

Dry-brushing is the process of exfoliation using a bristled brush on dry skin. It’s different to other methods of exfoliation involving products and water, as dry brushing is done before getting wet, and only uses a brush to get the job done. Traditional exfoliation done with water can be damaging, as hot water irritates skin and can cause redness, bumps and other skin inconsistencies. Since dry-brushing is done in a neutral temperature environment, you can avoid this risk.

Ok… but so how exactly do you do it?

Step 1: Get a brush that works for you. You can look for something that uses either synthetic or natural materials- whatever you prefer. If you are just starting out, think of going for something softer as to not overstimulate the skin.

Step 2: Start low and work your way up. Starting at the bottom of your body, drag the brush over your skin in large sweeping motions using light to medium pressure. Continue the strokes all the way up your body, careful to not press down too hard and irritate the skin.

Step 3: Hop in the shower! It’s recommended that you shower immediately after you dry-brush to shed the dead skin off your body and reintroduce moisture to the skin.

Step 4: Moisturise and nourish your skin after showering to lock in the moisture, and make sure it stays glowy. Consider using a thick moisturizer to calm the skin and make sure no irritation occurs after brushing.

How often should I do it?

Dry-brushing can be done up to once a day before you shower, but it helps to introduce it into your skincare routine slowly. Start with a few times and week and gradually increase how frequently it’s done. Remember to listen to your skin and you’ll gain all the benefits that dry-brushing offers in no time!

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