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5 Superfoods You May Not Have Considered!

5 Superfoods You May Not Have Considered!

If you are someone that is interested in healthy eating and general wellbeing, it’s more than likely you have come across the term ‘superfoods’ before. Superfoods are given their name due to the efficiency with which they provide nutrients to your body, packing more nutritional punch per serving than other foods do. They also possess a range of properties that serve to support your immune system, decrease bodily inflammation, and provide a boost to your overall levels of energy and stamina each day. 

Whilst we are sure that you are aware of some of the more commonly known superfoods such as kale and avocado, there are a surprising number of equally nutritious options that are not given the same amount of focus and attention, yet still provide you with all the richness and positive health effects that superfoods are known for. 

We all know that a good diet is contingent upon balance and variety, and as such we have provided you with a list of the top five superfoods that you may not have considered. 

  1. Green Chickpeas 

Green chickpeas are a legume packed with fantastic nutritional benefits known to be an excellent source of protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins – as well as minerals including iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. They are also full of flavour and perfectly accompany a variety of dishes such as curries, salads, and soups. Ranking higher nutritionally than other more commonly used chickpeas, keep an eye out for this fantastic superfood during your next grocery shop. 

2. Goji Berries

An exceptional source of healthy antioxidants for the body, goji berries have been used for 5,000 years in Chinese medicine to stimulate energy and mental acuity as well as lower stress. Furthermore, these super berries which are high in vitamins A and C, are known for their immune boosting qualities and their ability to fight harmful inflammation in the body. 

3. Bone Broth 

Although bone broth is less commonly promoted amongst other highly nutritious superfoods, it is stocked with a vast amount of immune boosting minerals that are easily absorbed by the body. Bone stock can be consumed as a warm beverage or used while cooking, containing nutritional qualities that have the capacity to support digestive health, skin health, and possibly mitigate the side effects of colds, flus, and upper respiratory infections. 

4. Quinoa 

Quinoa is a form of grain that is rapidly becoming popularised as a superfood alternative to rice, and with good reason. Abundantly rich in amino acids, Quinoa is unique in the sense that it is considered a complete protein, helping with muscle repair after exercise and supporting your energy levels. 

5. Hemp seeds 

Hemp seeds are a complete plant-based protein providing you with the nutritional benefits of 10 essential amino acids. Also providing magnesium, fibre, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, hemp seeds can be used within soups and salads, or even added to a smoothie. 

Ultimately, there are several nutritional and delicious superfoods out there that you may not have yet explored. Use this list to inform your next grocery shop and create a meal packed with flavour and healthy goodness. 

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