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Have You Tried These Bush Foods?

Have You Tried These Bush Foods?

Native Australian bush foods have been used by Indigenous Australians for
thousands of years, and their unique flavours and nutritional benefits are now
becoming increasingly popular in contemporary cuisine. From the tangy Kakadu
plum to the aromatic lemon myrtle and nutty wattle seed, these ingredients
offer a unique taste of Australia’s rich culinary heritage.

Many restaurants are incorporating these ingredients into their menus, offering
diners a chance to try these unique flavours. One such restaurant is Attica in
Melbourne, which has gained international acclaim for its innovative use of
native ingredients. Their dishes featuring bush foods include “potatoes cooked
in the earth they were grown” with sea succulents and lemon myrtle, and
“macadamia nut cooked in the fireplace, with finger lime and saltbush”. Other
amazing restaurants worth checking out include Big Esso, Wildflower, and Paper

A number of brands are also selling native Australian bush foods, making them
more accessible to home cooks. The Australian Superfood Co. offers a range of
products, including freeze-dried Kakadu plum powder, lemon myrtle spice
blend, and wattle seed coffee. The company prides itself on working with
Indigenous communities to ethically source their ingredients and support their

It is worth noting that there are also Indigenous-run or owned brands and
restaurants in this space. One such brand is Something Wild, which sources and
supplies wild native ingredients and game meat to top restaurants and retail
stores. They work directly with Indigenous communities to ensure fair and
ethical trade practices, and their range includes products such as wild rosella
jam, pepperberry salt, and kangaroo sausages.

Incorporating native Australian bush foods into your cooking not only offers a
unique and delicious flavour profile, but it also supports the sustainability of
these ingredients and Indigenous communities. Try using lemon myrtle in
marinades or dressings, wattle seed in baking or as a coffee substitute, or
Kakadu plum powder in smoothies or desserts. With a little experimentation,
you might just discover your new favourite ingredient!

Your meals aren’t the only way that you can use these ingredients – there’s also
a range of skincare products that incorporate delicious native ingredients!

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