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4 Float Therapy Experiences to Try

4 Float Therapy Experiences to Try

Float therapy is a mind and body relaxation experience that is designed for physical and mental healing. Traditionally, float therapy was experienced in ‘float tanks’ or pods but is expanding into a selection of different methods.

So – what’s the hype about lying in a pool of salt water? You can expect to relax in a ‘zero-gravity’ pool which relieves pressure off the body and gives you time to meditate and focus on your mental state.

Float therapy has several studies backing-up its healing and anti-stress effects, including a 2018 study which measured a notable decrease in depression and anxiety following float therapy.  In addition, float therapy may improve cardiovascular health, relieve high blood pressure and enhance sleep – just some of the benefits people have experienced from the combined effects of sensory input minimisation, minerals such as magnesium in the salts, and heat.

Here are some float-therapy experiences to immerse yourself in:

Beyond Rest

With locations in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, Beyond Rest offers spacious tanks for floating as well as a special fan invented by the owners that regulates air quality in the tanks. At Beyond Rest, your float will be accompanied by peaceful music and chakra light therapy to aid in mental relaxation and immersion.


If you are hesitant at the thought of being in an enclosed space when you float, CityCave has float pools rather than tanks. The pools are filled with 400kg of Epsom salts each, so that you’ll feel feather light while you float. With pools the size of a double bed, CityCave is designed to give a spacious experience.


Saltuary’s floatation rooms include everything you’ll need to get the most out of a float experience. After your float at Saltuary, there is a post-float room available for finishing your appointment without being rushed out the door. Saltuary also has a selection of other therapies to choose from, including an Infrared sauna, acupuncture and salt therapy.

Rest House

Located in Melbourne, Rest House is rumoured to be one of the best float experiences in Australia. Complete with state-of-the-art tanks and a post-float relaxation lounge, Rest House also provides audio-tracks designed by a psychologist that you can listen to while you float to get the most out of your therapy.

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