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10 Emerging Artists Aust & NZ 

10 Emerging Artists Aust & NZ 

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of exploring the fresh and sometimes startling creations of emerging artists, whether it be when a connection is made with a new perspective that helps us made sense of the world; or perhaps when we’ve slipped into a primal treasure hunting mode wondering whether the next big name’s been discovered ahead of artist fame. 

There’s so much talent in Australia and New Zealand, but roundups of emerging artists on both sides of the ‘ditch’ are surprisingly uncommon outside of the music world. So, we’ve gathered an eclectic collection of Aussie and NZ artists who are bursting with talent but who haven’t yet hit the mainstream. 

Emerging talent from New Zealand

Holly Schroder

It’s easy to get lost in the fluid lines and bright colours of Holly Schroder’s lively paintings. If you’re lucky enough to make it to one of her shows, you may find yourself mesmerised by her poetic, other-worldly light installations. In any medium, Shroder has a playful and uplifting sense of movement and vibrancy.

Pati Solomona Tyrell

Pati Solomona Tyrell is going from strength to strength as a photographer and interdisciplinary artist. He explores culture, gender and the spaces in between traditional gender roles; his striking works showcase an exciting contemporary talent.

Holly Haines

With her sweeping atmospheric creations, Holly Haines  offers a sense of weightlessness for the viewer and a beckoning to float across fields, soar above mountains, hover over icy waters. Haines expertly captures the ephemeral beauty of untouched natural places, making her one to watch for art collectors. 

Ché Rogers

Ché Rogers may indeed challenge how you feel about circles. Musicality lies in the lines and colour of his ‘post-digital’ practice and may be felt through a gaze into the smooth, sweeping arcs of his colourful discoid creations.

Aaron Kereopa

Surfer and sculptor Aaron Kereopa carves surfboards into stunning works of art that reflect the beauty of New Zealand. Every sculpture has a rich back story, grounded in Kereopa’s appreciation of nature and experiences in the ocean. 

Emerging artists from Australia

Tiana Jefferies 

Interdisciplinary artist Tiana Jefferies‘ vision is to offer uniquely provoking interactions between art and audience and seeks to yank art out of its ‘frame’ and cast it out into the world. Her thoughtful work using casting, digital modelling, projection and installation invites viewers to consider our fragile ecology.

Julia Fulop

Canberra-based artist Julia Fulop creates colourful pieces inspired by math and geometry. If you’ve visited the nation’s capital recently, you may have seen her work gracing the sidewalk as part of the City Walk transformation. 

Billy Bain

Indigenous ceramist and painter Billy Bain captures Australia’s uniquely laid-back surf culture in his paintings, sculptures, and etchings. He loves deconstructing social norms through his work but always does so in a playful, approachable way.  

Niah McLeod

Niah McLeod is a young Indigenous artist who makes incredibly intricate dot-work paintings on a variety of canvases. From the tight confines of her custom guitars to the open expanse of large stretched canvases, the precision of her work is breathtaking. 

Michael Van Dam

Another Aussie artist whose works you may have enjoyed at open-air exhibitions is Michael Van Dam. His towering stainless steel chain sculptures have been drawing plenty of attention at ArtPark events across Australia. 

We’re big fans of investing in emerging creators. Not only do you support the local art scene, but if you choose wisely, you may find yourself in possession of an astonishingly valuable piece in a few years’ time.  

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