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5 Clay Artists to Watch – Aust & NZ

5 Clay Artists to Watch – Aust & NZ

The medium of clay is a visceral pleasure for artist and audience alike. As potter – the simple act of being immersed in squishy, cold earth is only the beginning of the rewarding road to self expression. As art lover – clay’s earthbound origin can be just as deeply felt as organic, beautifully crafted shapes from favourite artists are beheld. Popularity with ceramic art is on the rise again – perhaps as a grounding antedote to increasingly digital days; whatever the reason, there are some inspiring artists on their way. In celebration of this rich connection between nature, artist and art lover, we introduce you to five up-and-coming clay artists whose work we adore.

Clay artist Pip Woods

There’s something subtly fun and quirky about every one of Pip Woods’ pieces. Flashes of Tim Burton films, Dr Seuss books, and other oddities will likely run through your mind as you explore her eclectic collection. 

Ceramics artist Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant’s creations feel natural, earthy, familiar, and alien all at once. There’s a sense of otherworldliness to every piece, but this subtle strangeness invites you to remember that your own planet is filled with such wonders as organic spiral shapes, coral reefs, shape-shifting cuttlefish, bizarre mushrooms, and carnivorous plants. 

Colourful Creator James Lemon

If you’re a fan of bold colours and wild ideas, you’ll likely adore James Lemon’s work. Lemon’s pieces are brash, bright, and often designed to make you laugh. Though there’s a clear sense of lighthearted silliness to many of his pieces, you can also see serious craftsmanship in his work. This blend of fun and focus is truly captivating. 

Ceramicist Ella Bendrups

There’s something infinitely calming about the gentle flow of Ella’s creations. Nothing is quite symmetrical, nothing is “perfect”, but this gives every piece its own character and thoroughly unique beauty. It’s no wonder her thick, curvaceous designs are so popular among food stylists and photographers.  

The Potter x The Clay – Kimberly Cruz

Inspired by nature, her own inner journey, and the Japanese ethos of wabi-sabi, Kimberly Cruz’s ceramic pieces have a soft and familiar sense of intimacy to them. We’re particular fans of her “pinch cups” that nestle into your hand, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of the clay as it’s gently heated by your tea or coffee.

These artists showcase the length and breadth of artistic talent in their shared clay medium, with unique and deeply personal pieces. It’s a joy to celebrate their inspiring work!

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