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Zone into your health with Zeolite

Zone into your health with Zeolite

Zeolite powder is an all-natural supplement which is created when volcanic rock meets alkaline water. It is made from a honeycomb like atomic structure which allows a multitude of health benefits and removes toxic waste from your body. Full of healing properties, zeolite powder can help remove pollutants sitting in your body as well as traces of heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury.  

How does Zeolite work?

Zeolite is an alkaline mineral that is negatively charged by nature. Most toxins our bodies consume are positively chargedthink heavy metals, radiation, environmental toxins, mould and pesticides. Zeolite acts like a magnet inside your body, pulling out those nasty toxins by sucking them into its unique honeycomb structure to be safely carried out of your body. Zeolites have the ability to balance our body’s pH to a more alkalised state which leads to many long-term health benefits.

Is it safe?

It sure is! Zeolite is a natural mineral that doesn’t get broken down in your body, meaning it doesn’t cling to any elements that make up the body’s compound. Unlike other essential minerals that are absorbed into our bodies and utilised for cell functions, zeolite passes through your bloodstream and sweeps up all the positively charged toxins and is then discharged from your body. This means you can’t harm your body or overdose on zeolite. 

How much should I have?

In order to effectively detox with zeolite, you need a relatively high dose. Follow the guidelines on your zeolite powder but remember that everybody is unique and will have different needs. Because Zeolite isn’t absorbed by the body you can’t overdose on it, so find what dosing strategy works best for you. Some people may naturally reap the rewards of zeolite on lower doses, while others may require higher levels to avoid a detox reaction.

I’ve started my zeolite detox, what should I expect?

Sit back, relax and let zeolite work its magic! When you first start your zeolite journey, a major inner body transformation begins to take place. All toxic elements are being removed so it’s only natural your body may have a reaction, but everybody responds differently based on their toxic load. The more toxic you are, the more likely a reaction will occur because it is a more dramatic shift within your body. Not to worry though, this is only because your body is starting to become more balanced and shift into a healthier state.

Choosing the right Zeolite supplement

Poor quality zeolite supplements may end up adding more toxins to your body in the long run, so when it comes to picking the right zeolite product think quality and quantity to utilise zeolite to its full effect. Here are some things to look out for:


Micronized zeolite is important because the smaller the zeolite particles are, the easier it is for the zeolite to leave your gut, circulate through your body and get into your tissues and cells for a deep and thorough detox. A lot of zeolite companies use milling techniques to reduce the particle size; this is conducted in mines where the zeolite is machine crushed which causes the zeolite structure to be comprised.


The cleaner the zeolite, the greater the detox. Naturally sourced zeolite is often contaminated by a number of toxic elements due to its strong binding capabilities. Because of this, it is important that zeolite is cleaned by a proprietary cleaning process prior to being micronized.

Particle size

For a thorough zeolite detox, a combination of both small and large particle sizes is best. Think 80/20 – 80 per cent micronized particles, which enter the blood stream and find the toxic elements that need to be trapped and 20 per cent larger particles which stick around in the gut and act as a barrier.

What now?

High quality zeolite powder offers a safe and effective way to detox toxic elements from your body with its ability to balance the body’s PH to a more alkalised state.

Alkaline World offer the best quality Australian zeolite powder available to help you kickstart your detox today.

You can find them at or reach out on +61 (03) 9357 1777.

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