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The Top Three Hidden Gems You Need to Visit

The Top Three Hidden Gems You Need to Visit

With travel back on the cards for Australians, these are the places you need to put on your travel list.

As Australians begin to dust off their passport and reach for their travel bags, it’s time to start thinking about the hidden gems you can travel to next. Instead of boarding a flight to the same destination you always go to, we’ve come up with the top five lesser-known places you need to see. 

These island destinations are beckoning tourists to take the path slightly less travelled – to enjoy their natural beauty, hospitality and diverse cultures, but to also offer the opportunity to see first hand how humans’ efforts to reduce global warming will have a huge impact on our world. In these cases, embracing sustainable living practices is a matter of survival – as each faces comparable, urgent climate challenges with rising sea levels. 

Marshall Islands 

Located half way between Australia and Hawaii in the Western Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands are a sprawling collection of 29 low-lying coral atolls and volcanic islands. With a population of just 55,000 people boasting a warm, welcoming culture the locals call ‘manit’, the picturesque Marshall Islands are famous for their diverse marine life, fascinating WWII shipwreck dive sites and various driving routes. 


Situated in the South Pacific, Tuvalu consists of nine thin islands, just 25 square kilometres in land area. With a tropical climate, luxurious beaches and calm, turtle-filled waters for diving and snorkelling, Tuvalu offers friendly, Polynesian style hospitality and several different accommodation options with various restaurants to dine in. 

Con Dao, Vietnam

If Vietnam is on your travel list, then you have to visit the Con Dao islands. Also, known as the Con Dao National Park, this hidden gem consists of 16 small, relatively unpopulated islands. With pristine beaches boasting plenty of shady trees when you’ve had enough sun, fresh seafood, kilometres of coastal roads and an interesting history, the Con Dao Islands are a great escape from a stressful city life.

By Zoe Moffatt

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