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The Many Superpowers of the ‘Sensitive Type’

The Many Superpowers of the ‘Sensitive Type’

Have you ever been referred to as a rainbow or indigo child? Or the sensitive type, or an empath? No matter how you describe it, there are a plethora of truly wonderful upsides to being a person that is highly sensitive and in touch with their emotions, despite the fact that sensitivity has sometimes been equated with being weak or overly dramatic. Whilst being someone on the sensitive side with a keener felt sense of emotions can sometimes be overwhelming, (especially in times of crises such as a pandemic!) tapping into the positive flip side of your emotions can help to unleash your full potential, benefiting not only yourself but the people around you. Through learning ways to avoid being overwhelmed by your sensitivity and by keeping in mind these many fantastic abilities that you possess, being a sensitive person may just become your very own superpower! 

Excellent self-awareness

Whilst some consider sensitivity and self-consciousness an undesirable negative trait, finding ways to utilise your high levels of self-awareness and emotion in a positive way can in fact be your very own superpower and help in many areas of life. Sensitive individuals often gain a fantastic ability to become keenly self-aware of their emotions, things they enjoy/dislike, and how their actions are received by those around them. As such, being in touch with your sensitive side can allow you to truly understand yourself on an intricate level and be aware of the feelings and energy of others around you, which can be very beneficial in both personal and professional relationships. 

Ability to form close personal relationships

Again, whilst at times being sensitive and a deep thinker might result in hesitation when forming new friendships or romantic relationships, it is this sensitivity and vulnerability than can also lead to extraordinarily close meaningful connections with others. Sensitive individuals often have increased levels of empathy and compassion, allowing them to become fantastic listeners and place themselves in the shoes of others far easier than most. Whilst sensitive people may not be open to getting close with everyone that they meet, their friendships and relationships are often built upon a foundation of strong emotional connection and understanding, with ‘the sensitive type’ of friend often being the best one to go to as a loyal and trusting confidant. 

Deeper reflection

One of the most important components of self-care and personal growth is devoting time to reflection and introspection. Whether it’s reflecting on world issues, personal decisions, relationships or just feelings, sensitive people have an extra special opportunity to understand the importance of reflecting and developing self-awareness. We grow as individuals through constantly learning and evolving, and people who are in touch with their sensitive side can become very good at drawing meaning from things that are happening in the world around them. 

Ultimately, whilst sometimes deemed as a negative trait, being a highly sensitive person can come with a huge number of benefits that affect all areas of life. The most important thing for highly sensitive people is finding ways to utilise this trait for good as a ‘super-power’.

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