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The Best Hot Springs Around Australia and New Zealand

The Best Hot Springs Around Australia and New Zealand

Filled with calming, tempered and mineral-rich water, these are the ten hot springs you MUST experience!

With 2022 well underway it’s time to get back into the swing of things and focus on your goals for the year. If your goal is to prioritise your health, wellness and healing, then hot springs are for you this year! 

The ritual of bathing and meeting in hot springs is deeply embedded in many ancient cultures for good reason. Not only are hot springs calming and relaxing, they can enhance physical, emotional and social health and can provide such benefits as pain relief, increased blood circulation, better sleep, reduced stress and rejuvenated skin. To help you find the best hot springs where you are, we’ve come up with our top ten in Australia and New Zealand.  

Peninsula Hot Springs (Victoria)

Located just over an hour from Melbourne’s CBD, Peninsula Hot Springs offers award-winning geothermal hot springs in large, beautiful, natural grounds with the purpose to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. With the belief that natural water can detoxify and rejuvenate both the body and spirit, Peninsula Hot Springs is the perfect wellbeing getaway. View the website here

Deep Blue Hot Springs (Victoria) 

Situated on the west coast of Victoria in a town called Warrnambool, the Deep Blue Hot Springs are the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and replenish. With the view that your experience should be nourishing, the Deep Blue Hot Springs have luxury accommodation options, as well as day spa and restaurant options. Check them out here

Moree (New South Wales)

The naturally heated and sourced springs at the Artesian Bore Baths allow you to soak in the mineral water of the precious Great Artesian Basin. Moree takes its name from an Indigenous word meaning ‘long spring’ and these hot springs have been healing people all year round for many, many years. For more information, click here

Talaroo Hot Springs (Queensland)

Talaroo is rich with dreaming stories and living natural culture, centred around the healing Talaroo Hot Springs.With a picturesque landscape of rich colours filled with natural pools of up to 62°C water, the Talaroo Hot Springs is the perfect place to appreciate our connection to nature and culture. Situated around four and a half hours from Cairns and on Ewamian Country, the Talaroo Hot Springs are the jewel in one of Australia’s great road trips linking Cairns to Broome – the Savannah Way. Find out more here.  

Bitter Springs in Mataranka (Northern Territory)

Located just over four hours away from Darwin on Mangarayi and Yungman country in the ElseyNationalPark, the naturally fed thermal pools at Bitter Springs in Mataranka is a must-experience destination in the Top End. With a day area including barbecues, tables and eco-friendly toilets, Bitter Springs is the perfect way to soak up the sun and enjoy quality time with family and friends. See more information here.  

Zeberdee Springs at El Questro (Western Australia)

Situatedin the pre-historic forest of Livistona, the popular Zeberdee Springs consist of inviting, natural thermal pools and waterfalls. If you are looking to spend some time in El Questro, there are luxury accommodation options, cabins and a campsite located nearby. To find out more, click here

Dalhousie Springs (South Australia)

Located in the Witjira National Park near the Simpson Desert, Dalhousie Springs is well-known as South Australia’s outback oasis. Being used by Indigenous people for centuries, the Dalhousie Springs is home to more than 60 natural springs with unique species of fish including the Dalhousie hardyhead. If you want to learn more, you can check out the Witjira National Park here

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs (Tasmania)

Situated in the south of the island, Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs offer the chance for you to get a taste of history with the cave tours and relax in the warmth of the thermal springs. With a cave tour and entry into the thermal springs under $30, it is the perfect getaway regardless of your budget. Learn more here

Maruia Hot Springs (South Island, New Zealand)

Maruia Hot Springs is the award-winning wellness destination, thermal hot springs and day spa that can be found in the important Lewis Pass national reserve. With mineral pools to relax your body, and organic food to nourish you, and towering mountains to envelope you, Maruia Hot Springs is a must-experience in the South Island of New Zealand. See more information here.

Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa (North Island, New Zealand)

If you are in the North Island of New Zealand but still want to enjoy the wonders of hot springs, then be sure to check out Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa. Set to open in early 2022, this luxury spa and wellness centre, situated on the shores of Lake Rotorua, will include the Māori culture in their health and wellness practice to deliver the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Learn more about it here

By Zoe Moffatt 

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