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Stylish Sustainable Furniture Trends

Stylish Sustainable Furniture Trends

As today’s consumers become more aware of the impact that their purchases can have on the environment, furniture selection is a great opportunity for people to make ethical shopping decisions. Furniture that is environmentally sustainable is now more and more available, and brands are finding new ways to design pieces with integrity and eco-focused ideas. When deciding which way to go, having a quick look at brand websites can reveal a lot about 

company achievements and plans – think social impact and sustainability statements. 

Here are some of the newest trends surfacing in eco-conscious and ethical furniture design:

Retro is the Way to Go

Midcentury Modern has thoroughly taken over interior design in the 2020s, and sustainable furniture is no different. With its clean sweeping lines, and a vintage vibe that isn’t too outdated, mid-century inspired furniture isn’t going away any time soon. The use of rich colored timbers melds well with sustainable trends of natural fibres and earthy influences. Melbourne based brand Retro Print Revival celebrates local craftmanship and locally sourced material, while producing trendy mid-century pieces that any vintage-inspired person would want in their home. 

Whimsical and Fun

An element that is emerging in sustainable furniture is, simply put, fun! Ecobirdy, a Belgian sustainable furniture brand, embodies the whimsicality that upcycling can have. Their outdoor furniture sets are made from a colourful collage of recycled plastic and look like they might have come straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Trendy furniture styles have a new aura of joyfulness and creativity that pairs wonderfully with the mix-matched look that upcycled design can have. 

Responsible ‘Material Girls’

Sustainability at its core is about nurturing our planet’s resources and building towards a future that is environmentally conscious. Using materials that are responsibly sourced is a key element of sustainable production, and in 2022, brands are working towards using ethically sourced materials. Jardan, a Sydney brand known for its modern silhouettes, is committed to sustainably sourcing their materials, such as timber, down, cotton, linen, and foam. It’s important to understand where the materials that make up your house are coming from, so when you choose sustainable furniture, think ‘traceable’ material and learning the impact you are having on preserving the environment.

Reflecting the Environment

With its saturated, earthy tones, Koskela is a glowing example of how brands are embracing the Australian environment that they are helping to preserve. Deep burnt siennas, mossy greens and rich russet reds are all colours that reflect our landscape and are being incorporated into furniture design. Now, your furniture can also look sustainable, as designers pull inspiration from the scenery around them and make pieces that add elements of nature to your home.

These days, it’s easier than ever to have a stylishly decorated home that is also sustainable, so get to work decorating with the help of these eco- and socially conscious brands!

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