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Smell Your Way to a Better Mood – 9 Ways to Perk up With Scent

Smell Your Way to a Better Mood – 9 Ways to Perk up With Scent

Smell Your Way to a Better Mood - 9 Ways to Perk up With Scent

Ever taken a whiff of freshly brewed coffee and felt instantly more awake? Does a certain soap or body lotion take you back to a time in your life? It’s all because of the way our brains are structured, and the good news is we can use it to our advantage – to boost health, wellbeing and mood.

The Science of Scent

Odours have a significant and immediate effect on our thoughts and behaviours. Smelling pleasant scents, in general gives us a positive boost – for example one study reported people were more trusting of others in the presence of lavender essential oil.

So which aromas are the best uplifters?


Eucalyptus oil has long been used for colds & flu. Its invigorating aroma is great for ‘clearing a stuffy head’ both literally and figuratively – try inhaling a few drops on a tissue when you are feeling sluggish. Another great tip (especially for cold mornings) is use it to create an invigorating ‘wake up shower’. Place a few drops of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil* on a facewasher and leave at the base of your shower. It’s like your very own at-home steam room!

Lemon Myrtle:

The scent of lemons helps improve concentration – try sipping lemon tea if you’re working or studying. Alternatively lemon myrtle is a wonderful essential oil that’s native to Australia – you can find it in blends such as Bosisto’s Australian Natives Energy Roll-On. Easy to slip in your handbag or work desk, a quick roll on your wrists and inhale can help reset your energy levels.


The smell of coffee does indeed wake us up, and it’s not all placebo effect. One study showed coffee smells enhanced the performance of sleep-deprived rats, and they haven’t seen a single coffee ad on television! Make a cup and inhale before you drink it for full effect.


The scent of oranges is said to help alertness and focus. Teaching someone to drive, or have a long commute? Try a natural mist in the car which includes orange oil. With its uplifting scent, Bosisto’s Australian Natives Focus Mist is perfect. A few spritzes will help your car stay fresh too.


The scent of peppermint can make us feel more alert. Some studies have found smelling peppermint can also help us with tedious physical tasks, such as routine workouts – enhancing performance and reducing perceived effort. A roll on or mist containing peppermint (like Bosisto’s Breathe Essential Oil) is a must-have in your workout kit.


Another ‘alertness’ herb, the scent is also touted for boosting mental clarity (the old adage: “rosemary for rememberance” is based on this). Handy to know when doing your taxes and you can’t remember why you saved a receipt! Pop on a diffuser oil blend containing rosemary when you’re ready to stay on task.


What goes up must come down! The queen of relaxing scents, lavender oil’s calming effect is legendary. Use it in your bedroom as part of your wind down routine. Try Bosisto’s Lavender Spray* on pillows and mattresses before sleep, and pop pure lavender oil or a sleep blend with lavender in your diffuser to promote a blissful sleep.

By Carla Coulston


*Antiseptic. Always read the label and use only as directed.

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