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Post-Holiday Detox: An Easy 3-Step Guide for Refreshing Your Mind & Body

Post-Holiday Detox: An Easy 3-Step Guide for Refreshing Your Mind & Body

Whether you’re missing the carefree vibes, recovering from overindulgence in rich food and boozy cocktails, or feeling flat after dropping your workout routine, it’s perfectly normal to experience a post-holiday slump. To help you shake off the brain fog and welcome energy and vitality back into your life, try the following three strategies: 

Give some foods a PASS

By PASS, we mean Processed foods, Alcohol, Sugar, and Salt. While you can help your body bounce back by eliminating these things for the next few weeks, it’s important to focus more on what you’re giving yourself rather than what you’re restricting. Replace the PASS group with delicious seasonal fruits and wholesome homemade meals. 

Bust through your slump with exercise

When feeling sluggish, many people decide to put off exercise until they have the energy. However, as counterintuitive as it sounds, if you want to clear out the brain fog and boost your energy levels, the best thing you can do is to get up and moving before you feel like it. Sweat is a great detoxifier for your skin, and there’s nothing like the burst of happy brain chemicals that come with a good workout session. 

Try a digital detox

In the modern world, vacations often go hand-in-hand with holiday snaps and selfies. As you share these on your preferred social media channels, it’s common to find yourself spending more and more time online, responding to comments and indulging in the delicious little dopamine hits these platforms are designed to deliver. Over time, however, you develop a tolerance to the effects, leading you into a pattern of spending more time on social media, chasing fulfilment but paradoxically finding less of it. 

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish and you’re on social mediadaily, a digital detox may well contribute to increased energy levels and wellbeing as a complement to a diet-based approach.While you don’t have to ditch social media forever, it can be helpful to delete the apps from your phone for a week and take a complete break. After this, consider setting one social media day a week or 20 minutes a day and truly savouring the time. 

Taking each of these steps, may help to give you that bounce back after a holiday slump. Just keep in mind that if you’re experiencing persistent fatigue or brainfog, it’s important to visit your health provider of choice to investigate whether there are any underlying causes to address more comprehensively.

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