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Organic India

Organic India

The ethical health and wellness enterprise you need to know!

With many health and wellness stores saturating the online market it can be hard to find the right business that aligns with your ethics and values. Here at Wellbeing Collective we strive to highlight the brands that are really making a positive change, and we are excited to introduce Organic India into our online sanctuary. 

Originally founded in the 1990s, Organic India has grown as a tea and herbal medicine brand to now have headquarters and distributors in three continents. Organic India was formed when a small group of travellers met in Lucknow, Northern India and together went on a journey with a spiritual teacher who inspired them to create Organic India. This journey of self-realisation led to the creation of an holistic business that would provide organic products to support individuals to live healthy and mindful lives. 

Not only does Organic India benefit its customers, the founders of the store have worked tirelessly to improve agriculture in Northern India and support disadvantaged farmers. Through providing education and training, Organic India has been able to encourage self-sufficiency and regenerative farming practices and expertise that has been developed and already passed onto future generations. This aspect of Organic India is its raison d’être.

With values based on quality, integrity, not compromising themselves and “respect and devotion to Mother Nature,” Organic India has helped to nurture the earth to which the farmers have devoted their lives. Through implementing agricultural practices that are organic and biodynamic, the farmers are able to harvest their crops sustainably while improving the quality of the farmland.  

Organic India specialises in Tulsi Tea, which is a tea made from the herb often called the ‘Holy Basil’. Along with Tulsi Tea, Organic India sells many different types of tea, including tea blends and herbal supplements. 

If you would like to support Organic India, you can shop its range here

By Zoe Moffatt

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