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Local Jewellery Artisans

Local Jewellery Artisans

With fast fashion jewellery flooding the market, it’s time to take a look at the brands making a difference.

As the world focuses on the impact of fast fashion in clothing, it’s time to recognise and support the local jewellery artisans who are creating a trend of their own. Each brand is built on a passion for high quality jewellery that is sustainable, environmental and ethical. With a focus on buying and supporting local, each of these artisans have built their brand from the ground up in Australia.


Launching in 2013, Murkani is built on the belief that jewellery should be created in a“mindful way with durable materials”. Murkani founder Kiralee McNamara designs every piece with an influence from her time spent travelling, her love of architecture and modern jewellery pieces. With an emphasis on the quality and sustainability of the materials, Kiralee works hard to create beautiful jewellery pieces that are environmentally friendly. Click here to shop the range. 


Originally created as an “experiment” to help the founder, Taiba get through university, Finerrings has grown to be a well-known online jeweller with a physical store located on Chapel Street in Melbourne. In the beginning Taiba opened a small online store and started attending local craft markets before being recognised for her talents and appearing in fashion magazines. Taiba has continued to focus on the sustainability and quality of her jewellery, with her team of six creating affordable and anti-tarnishing pieces for everyone to enjoy. View the Finerrings collection here

Ruby Teva

Beginning in the early 1990s, Ruby Teva was born in the market places of Greece and Israel. The designer Alex Guest also spent time in Nepal and India which continues to shape the style and design of her collection today. With a philosophy to “[breath] life into stones,” Alex has been able to become an important and established designer in Melbourne. Click here to view the Ruby Teva collection. 

Temple of the Sun

With the desire to create pieces that honour unique and meaningful beauty, Temple of the Sun was born. In 2014 founders Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant started the first steps in creating their very own jewellery brand. With Yonna designing each and every piece, the love and passion the two share for their business was clear in every piece of jewellery. Located in Byron Bay, Temple of the Sun works hard to maintain its integrity through committing to positive social and environmental change. To view its latest range, click here.  

Cleopatra’s Bling

Self-described as “a fusion of eastern allure and western style,” Cleopatra’s Bling was created by Olivia, a Melbourne artisan. Born into a childhood surrounded by trinkets, crystals and treasure chests, Olivia was always waiting to discover and after time spent living in Istanbul, Paris and Melbourne, Olivia created her very own jewellery brand. With a focus on sustainability and custom jewellery-making traditions, Cleopatra’s Bling continues to create everlasting jewellery. View the full range here

By Zoe Moffatt

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