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Indoor Plants and their Secret Gifts to You.

Indoor Plants and their Secret Gifts to You.

Every now and then, when we gaze outside our windows, we may catch the glimpse of a green lively tree rustling in the wind and sometimes, we often wish we could bring the outside in…and with indoor plants, you can. Known to reduce stress levels, clearing the air of toxins from our homes, and resulting in better night’s sleep, there are much more benefits to indoor plants than you may know.

Whats the point?

Indoor plants come in array of shapes, sizes and shades of green. Air-purifying plants are important in the removal of harmful, toxic air pollutants that enter our households from everyday items that you and I use, such as tissues, laundry detergent, our computer and even the carpet we walk on. Indoor plants work hard in converting harsh substances such as carbon dioxide into oxygen and can improve air quality, purifying the room of toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene which can be found in common household items. Formaldehyde is a toxin found in building materials commonly discovered in hardwood paneling and plywood, cabinetry, and drawers, while benzene is a toxin found in generic household objects such as glues, adhesives, and cleaning products, or can also be found in petrol

and tobacco smoke.

So, gone are the days where buying indoor plants are just for decorative purposes to fill up a corner, they are imperative to cleaning our air and assisting in mental clarity.

But how?

Trees in general, absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen releasing it into the atmosphere. This is known as photosynthesis, and this process works the same for indoor plants. Once we lay our heads to rest at night that is when plants work their hardest, to purify the air and influence humidity and air pollutants.

Plants such as, the Spider Plant, the Snake Plant, the Peace Lily and English Ivy are a few varieties of plants that specialise in purifying the air of harsh toxins. 

So, wake up in the morning knowing your indoor plants have been busy at work, while you start to get ready for yours.

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