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Celebrating the holidays with non-alcoholic wines

Celebrating the holidays with non-alcoholic wines

As the holidays approach, many of us are looking for the perfect beverages to accompany our festive meals. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or just want to enjoy a special drink at home, non-alcoholic wines offer all the flavour and complexity of regular wines without any of the alcohol content. Let’s take a look at five exceptional non-alcoholic options that are sure to be a hit this holiday season! 

Freixenet Alcohol-removed Sparkling White and Rosé

Spanish wine company Freixenet offers two gorgeous alcohol-removed wines along their traditional wines. Created as a part of a mission for people to celebrate occasions no matter the circumstance, these alcohol-removed bottles are a wonderful alternative for those who prefer a no-alcohol option. 

Bottega Zero White

A wine product created as a result of thorough innovation and research, this non-alcoholic wine alternative is perfect for those who do not want to consume alcohol but still want to toast to happy celebrations with family and friends. Bottega Zero White is produced starting from grape must and evokes the tradition of sparkling wine. It is characterised by an intense aroma that is accompanied by fresh, fruity, and floral hints.

Funky Monkey Alcohol-Free Pinot Noir 

Rich in antioxidants and free from alcohol, this contemporary version of a Pinot Noir is refreshing and made with grapes grown in South Australia. This light-bodied wine is a great substitute for a traditional red. Funky Monkey also create a Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine and Pinot Grigio in their alcohol-free range. 

Non-alcoholic wines are an excellent option if you’re looking for something special to serve at your holiday meals or New Year’s but don’t want the alcohol content associated with traditional wines. These alcohol-free options above are sure to delight your guests—and maybe even convert some cynics into non-alcoholic wine lovers! Cheers!

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