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5 Reasons Why Owning Pets Can Bring So Much Joy

5 Reasons Why Owning Pets Can Bring So Much Joy

Did you know that approximately 61% of Australian households currently own at least one pet? As that number suggests, the decision to own and care for an animal companion is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst Australians of all demographics, with our beloved pets considered an integral part of many Aussie families. There are several very positive reasons why people continue to decide on introducing a pet into their home, with pets having the potential to bring joy, happiness, and companionship to our lives in so many unique ways.  

  1. They become your loyal companion  

No matter what animal you choose, bringing a pet into your life means that there is always a familiar face to come home to and care for. Whether you have had a difficult day at work or are experiencing personal trouble in your life, your beloved pet will consistently be there to take your mind off problems and prevent you from feeling alone. Furthermore, having the responsibility of caring for something that is dependent on you and loyal towards you can help alleviate your own stresses and worries, and help you to feel comforted with your special friend by your side.  

2. They keep you moving and active 

Although this is highly dependent on the type of pet that you bring into your home (I’m not sure how active a turtle will keep you), having a pet such as a dog encourages you to keep active, fit, and healthy. Many animals need to keep physically active just as we do, and as you are likely aware, forms of physical exercise such as going for daily walks with your pet is extremely important for both the physical and mental aspects of our overall health and well-being.  

3. They help you to become more responsible 

As we have touched on throughout this article, caring for a pet is a big responsibility, and not something to be taken lightly. The task of caring for another living being is very effective in helping to teach you to become more conscientious, responsible, and organised, with some families choosing to get a pet to instil these traits in their children.  

4. They allow you to join a bigger community of pet owners  

There is no better conversation starter between two strangers than talking about your beloved pets. Sure enough, when you become a pet owner you will undoubtedly form bonds and have discussions with other members of the animal loving community in your area, a walk in the park with your dog possibly leading to a whole new friendship with a stranger. 

5. They tone our vagal nerve  

In other words, the close companionship of a pet with its calm and nurturing ways can serve to have a positive balancing effect on your nervous system. The vagus nerve, extending from the brainstem all the way to the abdomen, is an extensive messaging network that serves many important functions including helping develop a healthy reaction to stress.

A recent Harvard Health blog post explained that stimulating the vagus nerve activates your relaxation response, reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure, meaning that sometimes our pets may in fact be contributing more to our overall sense of wellbeing than we realise.  

Ultimately, for these reasons and many more, pets have a fantastic ability to bring much joy to the lives of you, your family and loved ones.  

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