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5 of Our Favourite Wellness Books

5 of Our Favourite Wellness Books

Lifespan by Dr David A Sinclair

Australian American biologist Dr David Sinclair PhD is disrupting our view of ageing and even considers it a curable illness instead of being an inevitable process. His discoveries have rocked the pharmaceutical industries to the point of dramatic outcry but his science prevails. He discusses the small things we can do at home on our own from a cold shower, fasting secrets, supplements and mindset right through to the medical procedures on our doorstep and into the future. A great read. With so many facts to capture, this is one for hard copy savouring – to turn the corners of the pages, add sticky notes and scribble notes.  

Sensitive is the New Strong by Anita Moorjani 

US author Anita Moorjani discusses the the power of Empaths, known as Highly Sensitive People and how to manage in an increasingly harsh world. After a shocking near death experience (NDE) and cancer recovery Anita’s world turned upside down until she discovered a world of joy, free of pain and filled with unconditional love. Making sense of the universe has been a big motivator for Anita’s book, and she brings these self discoveries to those who deeply feel the impacts of the world and others. 

Vibrant by Dr Stacie Stephenson

This awarded book is a programme designed by US based Dr Stacie Stephenson, to get energised, own your health, reverse ageing and activate your inner glow. Drawing on her integrative, regenerative and natural medicine modalities, Stephenson has compiled a fresh, motivational guide to build the new you. Tackling the issues of gut health, sleep, immune system management, and even social interactions, this practical book leaves us with the inspiration that it is never too late to take control of your nutrition and fitness to become the best and most vibrant version of ourselves. 

The Motto Effect: Transforming Hashimoto’s with 10 powerful health & lifestyle Mottos  by Meena Chan

The Motto Effect is an engaging book that explores body, mind and spirit. This is the author’s journey from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to wellness and gives hope for recovery to anyone with auto-immune disorders. It also aims to give every reader the ability to prevent future illnesses in a holistic way. Meena Chan likens the transition to wellness like a caterpillar emerging as a butterfly. 

Your Vitamins Are Obsolete by Sheldon Black Zablow, MD

Authored by Sheldon Black Zablow, MD, ‘Your Vitamins Are Obsolete: The Vitamer Revolution’ is a programme for healthy living and longevity. This book is a manual to understand the power of vitamers that are so vital to our survival through cellular energy and cellular hygiene. A bit of history of the work of vitamins makes this a well researched and well written tool for optimising health. The insights around B12 and folate and how we capture what we need from supplements, and also how to make up the shortfall many of us are unaware of, is enlightening. 

Secrets of Women’s Healthy Ageing: Living Better, Living Longer by Professor Cassandra Szoeke

Professor Cassandra Szoeke is an Australian and principal investigator at Melbourne University for the Women’s Healthy Ageing Project, which is the longest ongoing study of women’s health in Australia. This project has enabled the collection of a remarkable amount of data on brain health, gut and heart health, diet, sleep, exercise and even the benefits of socialising. All of these findings highlight how these results impact women’s wellbeing. Dr Szoeke’s book reveals the key ingredients for living a long and healthy life. 

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