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4 Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Work

4 Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Work

We don’t know anyone who wants innocent animals to be harmed just so they can have lipstick with staying power. Nor do any of us want cosmetic purchases to contribute to landfill or pollution. We might want that perfect colour, texture, concealer or highlighter but find it tough to find products that tick all the boxes while also being eco-friendly and cruelty-free. To help make this an achievable mission, we’ve gathered a list of beauty brands that are as effective as they are environmentally conscious. 

Skincare and makeup for minimalists

Fluff Beauty is an Aussie brand that’s all about environmentally conscious minimalism. From their serums and lip oils to their bronzing powders and foundations, all products come in stylish packaging that you can save and top up with sustainably packaged refills. This makes the brand more affordable for you and less harmful to the environment – we love an eco-friendly win-win!

Plastic-free packaging

If you feel guilty every time you purchase plastic-encased makeup products, we feel you – and so does Flavedo & Albedo. This Australian beauty brand is committed to providing premium products with not even a microgram of plastic in any of the packaging. Instead, your mascara, lip tint, eyeliner, and other products come stylishly presented in recycled aluminium, glass, and timber. 

When style meets substance

With gorgeous recycled glass packaging and makeup that glides on with ease, RMS Beauty is a stand-out Aussie beauty brand. We’re particular fans of their un-cover up, which is a versatile, lightweight concealer and foundation rolled into one. Every ingredient is organic and skin-nourishing, and RMS Beauty offers a far wider spectrum of shades than most beauty brands, which wins it so many extra points. 

The complete cruelty-free kit

If you’d love to find all your beauty needs – from makeup and skincare to jewellery and watches – all in one place, Hurtig Lane is your PETA-approved solution. The brand is committed to 100% sustainability, from their recycled watch straps to the organic, cruelty-free ingredients in their skincare products. We’re particular fans of their lush Australian Pink Clay Face Mask, which comes in a cute glass bottle with a wooden lid – perfect for reusing and repurposing. 

You don’t have to sacrifice enjoyment of make-up or live with sub-par products when you switch to more sustainable, eco-friendly options. Start with the brands above, and have fun with your mission of improving the impact you have on the planet. 

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