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3 Encouraging, Interesting and Inspiring News Articles About Mental Health

3 Encouraging, Interesting and Inspiring News Articles About Mental Health

3 Encouraging, Interesting and Inspiring News Articles About Mental Health

There is constant news in the world of wellness – here we cover some of the latest including ‘quiet quitting’, the latest reads on how to reboot in nature, and new links between modest exercise and decreased depression. Read on to learn more about some interesting wellness topics from around the world. 

Quiet quitting: why doing the bare minimum at work has gone globalThe Guardian, James Tapper

The topic of “quiet quitting” has recently gained traction on social media, especially on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram in recent weeks. It refers to the practice of employees simply doing their job, but not going above and beyond what is expected of them. They are doing what is needed in the office, and then muting their work emails and Microsoft Teams when they are out of office. The mundanity of day-to-day work, the feeling of no upward trajectory in the workplace and lack of feeling respected or empowered at work often leads to people doing just enough to get by. Tapper talks about the 2020/2021 ‘Great Resignation’ leading to the ‘Great Rethink’ and how in response, enlightened companies are designing jobs that give employees control, pride in their work and a fair wage.

Eight nature books to change your lifeBBC, Lindsay Baker

Lindsay Baker speaks with eight experts/authors who discuss whether it’s possible to reboot our minds by living an existence in harmony with the great outdoors. Rural life is on the rise, with people scattering into the countryside with the ability to work their office jobs from home, with easy access to nature. Read on to discover eight books that can change your mindset on your connection with nature, and the way in which it can heal.

Strong Link Between Even Modest Physical Activity and Lower Levels of DepressionGlobal Wellness Institute, Beth McGroarty

The highly-respected JAMA Psychiatry recently released a metareview that reveals that modest exercise can have a massive impact on mental health.  Walking briskly for just 2 and a half hours a week was linked with a 25% lower risk of depression. So now that the weather is warming up, it is the perfect time to boost your mood, and your physical health! The study review also showed that the biggest changes happened in people who moved from no physical activity to some physical activity per week, as opposed to people who moved from moderate to high levels of physical activity. The scientists contended that one in nine cases of depression could be avoided if the population adhered to recommended physical activity levels. Get moving, shake off the winter blues and step into the outdoor beauty that spring delivers.

By Sarah Panther

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