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Time to bloom: Here are spring’s 5 hottest fashion trends

Time to bloom: Here are spring’s 5 hottest fashion trends

Time to Bloom: Here Are Spring’s 5 Hottest Fashion Trends

We’re halfway through spring! It’s the season that promises new beginnings and shakes off the gloominess of winter. The flowers are proudly blooming, the sun is finally shining, and as you walk to your local coffee shop or your route to work, you’ve definitely noticed that street style is elevating. If you’re struggling to get out of your winter trackies, we’ve got you covered. While mixing and matching and breathing new life into what’s already in your cupboard is always a good option, here are 5 style trends we’re adoring this spring, that you might like to try!

1. Ballet flats

Bared Grackle Ballet Flat

Ah, the ballet flat. You probably remember them from dancing lessons when you were five, or when they dominated women’s shoes in the late 2000s. Well, we hope you kept your pairs, because they’re coming back in style! Prepare for the age-old question to come back: bedazzled or plain? Grab the on-trend Grackle Ballet Flat from Aussie brand Bared Footwear to make every step fabulous!

2. Long skirts and dresses

Luna + Sun Siriama Dress

We love the maxi skirt because of its versatility. There are so many colours, styles and patterns suitable for spring into summer, and let’s be honest: long skirts are way comfier than miniskirts, so we’re glad they’re taking over that style trend! Cruelty-free, slow fashion brand Luna + Sun have recently released their gorgeous spring staple Siriama Dress. This mid-weight linen dress comes in Terracotta and Seaweed colourways and is perfect for a spring picnic.

3. Low-rise pants

Abrand A 99 Low-Cut Bootleg Jean

Can’t get enough of Y2K style? Well, you’re going to be seeing a lot of it this spring! The low-rise pant is definitely associated with the pop divas of the 2000s, and now they can be with any young person you walk by on the street. It’s quite a divisive trend, but if they make you feel confident, rock those low-rise jeans like Britney! Want some low-rise in your life? Grab this retro, boot-cut pair of jeans by denim fave Abrand.

4. Blasts from the past

Michelle Tamar, Vintage 90’s and Y2K Clothing

It’s not just the 2000s that’s coming back. Think retro, knee-high boots; 90s shoulder bags; and of course, the return of the mullet hairstyle. So, why not look to the past for inspiration when you’re building your new wardrobe? And check out some cool vintage stores while you’re at it! If genuine 90’s and 00’s vintage is what you’re after, Michelle Tamar collects and curates unique fashion pieces. You better get in quick though, as each piece is one-of-a-kind and sells out quickly!

5. Genderless and neutral-toned

Threadgate Clothing

As we established, comfort is in. This spring, you’ve probably noticed more people are toning it down and blurring the confinements of gendered fashion. If you’re after a more comfortable look, consider toning down your wardrobe with a few staple pieces that are sustainable and will last a long time. Australia’s own Threadgate has a current collection of trendy and practical pieces that will take you through the warmer months.

Pro tip: you can research the ethical ratings of fashion brands using the website Good For You, so you’re not buying a $50 T-Shirt that’s promoted as ‘sustainable’ but isn’t ethically-made, and vice versa.

The greatest trend of all is to shop your fashion vintage and second-hand. Everyone loves a great op-shop find, and with an abundance of thrifting options, you’re sure to find one of the above pieces ethically, and for a fraction of the cost. The best part about these trends is that they were popular 10-20 years ago, so to be able to find some cute ballet flats or a 90’s inspired pair of low-rise jeans isn’t too hard of a task!

Check out your local Facebook Marketplace listings, or spend a Saturday wandering around the local op-shops. Or check out one of these Four Second-Hand Stores Taking Australia By Storm. You never know what gems you’ll find.

If there’s anything we’ve learnt this spring, it’s that style is forever reinventing itself. So, get out there and enjoy the warm weather in your vintage springtime wardrobe!

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