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The Top 5 Socially Responsible Investing Platforms

The Top 5 Socially Responsible Investing Platforms

How to combine purpose and profit when investing.

Finding a socially responsible platform to invest in can be one of the biggest challenges when choosing what to do with your hard-earned money. This investment choice can directly impact the world and result in positive or negative change. If you want to ensure you’re making a positive and socially responsible investment, then check out our top five platforms. 

The Big Exchange

Originating in 2014 in the UK, The Big Exchange was co-founded by the creators of well-known street magazine The Big issue. With the mission to build a financial system that benefits people and the planet, The Big Exchange focuses on simplifying, changing and empowering investing. The Big Exchange acknowledges that finding transparent information on investments can be difficult, which is why they created a test, where investments must prove the positive impact they have. If they fail this test, then they do not appear on The Big Exchange. To invest or learn more about The Big Exchange, check them out here

Clim8 Invest

Also beginning in the UK, Clim8 Invest was launched in 2019 by its founder and CEO, Duncan Grierson who has over 20 years’ experience in socially responsible investing. Aiming to grow your savings and protect the planet, Clim8 Invest takes sustainable investing seriously. The team at Clim8 Invest creates portfolios that are in line with the client’s investing and social goals. Their investment sectors include; sustainable food, clean technology, clean energy, smart mobility and recycling. To contact Clim8 Invest or learn more, click here

Newday Investing

Located in San Francisco Bay Area, Newday Investing was created in 2017 by the co-founder, Doug Heske who is also the CEO. With the purpose to impact more than investments, Newday Investing will create a personalised portfolio based on what world issues are important to you. Through insightful research, the most ethical investments that align with your values and investment goals are presented to you. Newday Investing provides an added benefit of donating 5 per cent of its net revenue to not-for-profit organisations who are working to solve these world issues.  Whether you are wanting to invest in climate action, gender equality or more Newday has a range of opportunities that you can check out here


Established in 2007 by founder Adam Spence, SVX was launched as a non-for-profit before raising over $40 million to become independent. With the vision that all investments have a positive influence, SVX has grown and focused on positive engagement with investors, enterprises, and funds. With around 1,200 investors and $350 million in capital, SVX continues to fight for social issues around the world. SVX is committed to its investors and offers customised and fully managed portfolios across a range of asset classes and impact opportunities. To learn more, check out SVX here


Beginning in San Francisco in 2015, Andrew Varlamos is the co-founder and CEO of OpenInvest. With the belief that investing should be based on your values, the advisors at OpenInvest work to build, manage, and report on their client’s investments. By tracking data from a range of dimensions, OpenInvest is able to match the best investments with each client and their values. To learn about the range of socially responsible investing you can do with OpenInvest, check them out here

With five great investment avenues, which one do you want to try first?

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