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Shop, Sustain, and Savour: Wellbeing Collective’s Guide to the Big Design Market’s ‘Almost Winter’ Celebration!

Shop, Sustain, and Savour: Wellbeing Collective’s Guide to the Big Design Market’s ‘Almost Winter’ Celebration!

The Big Design Market is back, and this time it’s celebrating the upcoming winter season with a three-day event at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton from Friday 26 May to Sunday 28 May. It’s an event that combines the best of local shopping, design, and culinary delights, and this is precisely why Wellbeing Collective loves it.
For starters, the Big Design Market is an excellent opportunity to get some daily movement while shopping for the best in design. The event is a showcase of local talent, featuring some of the most innovative and creative brands from Melbourne and beyond. From fashion to homewares, jewellery to stationery, you can find a range of unique and interesting items at the Big Design Market.
But what really sets this event apart is the focus on sustainable materials and practices. Wellbeing Collective is a brand that places a high value on environmental sustainability, and we are thrilled to see that many of the brands at the Big Design Market share this commitment.

Companies such as Joyrolla, Miroko, Farm Goat, Chai Addict, and Good Fortune are just a few of the many brands that are embracing sustainable materials and practices, making it easier for shoppers to make eco-friendly choices.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Melbourne event without some amazing food, and the Big Design Market doesn’t disappoint in this regard. From the wood-fired pizzas of 400 Gradi to the poke bowls of Pokéd and the coffee of St Ali, there is something to tempt every taste bud.
The Big Design Market is an event that ticks all the boxes for Wellbeing Collective. It’s an opportunity to shop local, get some daily movement, support sustainable practices, and indulge in some amazing culinary delights. We can’t wait to see what this year’s event has in store, and we encourage everyone to come along and experience the best of Melbourne’s design scene.

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