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Human Rights Arts & Film Festival: 28 April – 7 May

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival: 28 April – 7 May

The driving motif of the 2022 HRAFF Festival could not be more on point with everything we love here at Wellbeing Collective. 

Running 28 April-7 May, this year’s programme of the annual Human Rights Arts and Film Festival explores the inter-connectedness of our world – ‘between people, ideas, non-human organisms, artworks, and environments—through storytelling’. Many a rich conversation starter to be found here!

HRAFF is a not-for-profit arts organisation dedicated to cultivating a vibrant human rights community, culture and conversation in Australia and this year’s focus on highlighting the threads that connect our physical bodies in space and time to our natural environments is rich terrain indeed.

HRAFF 2022’s exciting international programme and Melbourne locations can be accessed here, or check out WBC favourites such as Dear Future Children, Flee, Writing with Fire.

Check out the full program here.

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