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Fear – Friend or Foe?

Fear – Friend or Foe?

The extreme changes that have occurred in the world due to the pandemic…have created stressful and uncertain times, and many people are fearful of what is to come.

Fear invokes a ‘fight or flight’ response that activates the sympathetic nervous system. This releases adrenaline that focuses your attention on external threats so you can act instinctively to either fight a battle or run for your life. The fear response also suppresses your innate immunity, healing responses and rational thought, and while this prevents you wasting time and energy
in an emergency, constant fear and anxiety make you more vulnerable to physical and mental illness, and more likely to make bad decisions and succumb to manipulation.


Fear or Love: Good wolf or bad wolf – which one will you feed? You choose fear over love every time you give into a situation that do not feel right. You choose love when you do what you know to be right despite pressure to do otherwise. The creation story Bing & Bang Begin highlights the importance of love, and describes the polarity within thought and how: 

Think-King can imagine 

Whatever goes on 

Some-Thing can be right 

Or Some-Thing can be wrong 

And wherever Thing-King’s Attention span goes 

Things are created 

Energy flows 

Anything with a big front has a big back and for every negative thought there is an equally powerful and equally valid positive thought. Any situation can therefore be seen as good, bad, or neutral. 

Rather than give into paranoia and the belief the universe is out to get you, you can cultivate ‘pronoia’ and believe the universe is out to help you. You can also be neutral and believe the universe just is. Or you can be like the boy in the story of the Beautiful Mare and the Boy who Gave Thanks and approach life with a sense of discovery and positive action that allows you to find a reason to give thanks in any situation. 

By Dr Marc Cohen.

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