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Considering donating to climate action? 5 organisations where your donation makes a difference

Considering donating to climate action? 5 organisations where your donation makes a difference

Considering donating to climate action? 5 organisations where your donation makes a difference

Kindness and connectedness to self, others, and nature is what Wellbeing Collective is all about and efforts to live more sustainably get the big tick from us. Focusing on what we can do, makes a positive difference and little changes can lead to big impacts. Personal daily habits and considering donating to already established climate action organisations are just some considerations. Here are five reputable groups worth considering:

1. Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Young people are the future – and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition proves just that! As Australia’s largest-run youth organisation, it uses donations and funds to educate, inspire and mobilise young people towards climate action. Also running Seed, Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network, this organisation is about saving the planet now, for future generations.

2. Climate Council Australia

Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation, Climate Council Australia is doing some good stuff! Its main aim is to educate the public on the climate crisis and hold leaders accountable for climate action. Funded by the generosity of the community, this organisation gets to the people fast, and makes sure they listen!

3. Friends of the Earth

A global advocacy movement, Friends of the Earth is all about achieving climate justice and its activism fights for land and water security, a sustainable economy and Indigenous land rights and recognition.  Friends of the Earth Australia is also connected to 350 Australia, which advocates for climate action and ditching fossil fuels, one of the biggest contributors to global warming.

4. Farmers for Climate Action

Australia could not run without its farmers. That’s why Farmers for Climate Action is a collection of farmers, agricultural leaders and rural Australians who advocate for their inclusion in climate action. What’s most important to this organisation, is that farmers have a voice in their future. They achieve this by building farmer communities, educational training for farmers and establishing political and industry connections.

5. Global Forest Generation

Could you even imagine a world without forests? A world where we can’t see gorgeous greenery, wondrous waterfalls and incredible wildlife? That’s why the Global Forest Generation works to regenerate ecosystems worldwide, in collaboration with grassroots leaders and communities. Your donation means this organisation is better equipped to rebuild forests that are being destroyed, and that we’ve taken for granted too long.

We can all do our part. If you donate to any of these five organisations, you’ve already done more than you know!

By Savannah Selimi

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