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5 Ways to Balance Living With Less

5 Ways to Balance Living With Less

Do you find yourself longing for a simpler time, when less choice provided to us in our lifestyles meant less feelings of being overwhelmed, less clutter and less carbon emissions? In the age of consumerism and our fast-paced modern lifestyles, it may seem impossible to live with less when we have access to so much, so quickly, often at a low cost, especially as quick purchases can be temporarily gratifying. If you find yourself itching to minimise your carbon footprint and live in an emptier, clearer space, here are five ways to balance living with less within your current life.


Detachment is key. The more attached you are to possessions, the harder it is to part with them. The idea is to see items for what they are – ephemeral or temporary – rather than as an extension of yourself. The more detached you are, the easier it is to live with less.

Is this a want or a need?

Prior to purchasing an item is always a good time to press the pause button and ask yourself the age old question; is this a want or a need? At this point, most wants can be returned to the shelf or taken out of the cart, and you may find that life will go on regardless!

Stick to the essentials 

When decluttering, keep only the essentials, which means re-evaluating which items serve a distinct purpose in your life. While we often hold onto things based on past meaning and sentimental value, it pays to be judicious in your selection here! Don’t be afraid to get honest with yourself. When keeping hold of meaningful items, question yourself until you get to the root of why you are holding on to it. This will help you clarify what is worth holding onto and what is not. It may help to find a particular person or group to repurpose your beloved items to where you can imagine them being well used or loved. 

Keep it tidy 

Once you have successfully decluttered your space, it is inevitable that as time goes on, you may begin to accumulate more. To preserve your intentional and minimalist living, tidy up regularly and ensure you give each space in your home the love and attention it needs. Some areas may need regular tidying and others only on occasion. 

What’s your why?

The easiest way to begin this journey and stay on it is by having a strong why. Why are you doing this? Why do you want to have less? Why do you want to live more minimally? The clearer your why is, the more focused and committed you find yourself. When your reason is unclear, it can be easy to fall back into bad habits.

Value what you already own

The core message of living with less is that less is more. An important element of minimalism is learning to appreciate the essentials in your life, and what you already own that is meaningful to you. By valuing what you already own and treating these items with care, you are able to avoid continually replacing and upgrading items in your life!

These 5 tips should help you live with less. It may not always be easy to part with many loved and used items, nor to curb a habit of quick-fix ‘retail therapy’. However, being more mindful of how over-purchasing is affecting our own sense of wellbeing and the environment around us may provide a sense of clarity and freedom.

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