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15 Habits For Good Mental Health

15 Habits For Good Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is essential for overall well-being and happiness. Mental health is just as important as physical health and requires a consistent effort to maintain. Neglecting mental health can lead to the development of mental health issues and negatively impact daily life and relationships. Here are 15 habits that can help you improve your mental wellbeing.

Exercise regularly – Exercise is a proven mood booster and can help reduce anxiety and stress. Check out some of the benefits of exercise here and here.

Get enough sleep – A good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining good mental health. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is often pushed to the bottom of our priorities list, so get into the habit of sleeping well. 

Practise mindfulness – Mindfulness involves being present in the moment and can help reduce stress and anxiety. There are many ways to practise mindfulness, including yoga, meditation, being grateful and thinking positive thoughts.

Eat a healthy diet – A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein can improve your mood and energy levels. Eating according to the SLOW (seasonal, local, organic, whole) food philosophy is a great way to start eating healthy. 

Limit alcohol and caffeine – Excessive alcohol and caffeine can interfere with sleep and increase anxiety. Don’t overdo it to stay on top of your mental health.

Connect with others – Strong social connections are important for mental health. Spend time with family and friends or join a social group in an area of interested you are drawn to.

Practice gratitude – Take time to reflect on what you are thankful for each day.

Stay organised – A cluttered environment can lead to stress and anxiety. Keep your living and workspaces organised.

Take breaks – Taking breaks from work or other responsibilities can help reduce stress and improve productivity.

Get outside – Spending time in nature can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Read more about Natural Movement and learn how outside activities improve mental clarity. 

Practice self-care – Engage in activities you enjoy, such as reading, gardening, or taking a bath.

Set achievable goals – Setting achievable goals can increase self-esteem and motivation.

Avoid negative self-talk – Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

Seek professional help – If you are struggling with mental health issues, seek help from a mental health professional.

Seek support – Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who will listen and help when you need it.

Incorporating these habits into your daily routine can help improve your mental wellbeing and lead to a happier, healthier life. Remember, everyone’s needs are different, so be mindful of what works best for you.

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